Winter Winds

horse riding

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Her boots clutch the stirrups, the brass clinks, as she swings a leg high, clinging to her horse, she bolts into the distance, through the trees she gallops, holding the reins, guiding the mare along the way, Arcubra slips from her head, flying through the air, she trails on, ruby locks stroking the winter wind. The sun streaming through the treetops, lighting her way to freedom.

Beyond The Sun


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In the light of day,
Softly she treads,
Eyes of coral sand,
The wind it willows,
Calls her name,
Ushers her to a place,
Above the treetops,

Past fluffy clouds,
Beyond the sun,
Outside the moonlight night,
Within a glorious mind,
She feels her way,
Lightly her fingers play,
Piano notes and plucked strings,
Recites and rejoices in the grandeur of life,
A place of both beauty and plight,
Her lips touch the written words,
Sleeping in the skies,
She moves forward in time.

She Seeks The Sun

Seeking out the sun,
Behind clouds of cottony sponge,
Neck bent upwards,
Searching the skies of indigo lines,
Shapes of contorted billows,
Hazy and misty spaces of dreams,
Opaque and milky sleep,
She runs her fingers across the empty space,
In-between reality and dreams,
Poly green eyes,
Leaves of fallen breath,
She seeks the sun,
Face basking in the light,
Her dreams brought to life.