Little Pet Rabbit

Quirky Fashion Photography

Quirky Fashion Photography

Tea leaves and fine china,
Palm readings and gypsy tales,
Of flowers and floral,
Honeycomb and vanilla,
Biscuits to treat,
Little pet rabbit,
Bunny so sweet,
Unicorns and elks, and saucers hanging in trees,

A place of quirky,
Dwelling in sleep,
Bluebirds and dragonfly wings,
Of fractured light,
Reflections in the mirror,
Jaded, woken and brusque,

Of romps in the hay bales in spring,
Of sunshine and grey skies,
Rain and hurricanes,
Of laughter and smiles,
Crooked and smirked,

Space cadets and cowboys,
Lacy stockings and oversized t-shirts,
Of red heads and blondes,
Bald and long,

Of all in between,
Outside, and beyond,
The box is misshaped,
Bursting at the seams,
Erratic, eccentric and
Asymmetrical dreams.

Jennifer Calvert 2015

A little something off centre for todays poem. Feeling a bit quirky. I love writing a little offbeat. I really enjoy just playing with words and experimenting. Losing myself in the eccentric! Please let me know what you think. Do you like to write, off centre sometimes?

I hope you like it!

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